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Written in stone

I found this beautiful example of letters carved in stone on Smashing Magazine‘s website. It lists the names of those who died in Ireland in 1921. It’s quite a moving memorial.

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HOW Magazine

So after posting about Dana Tanamachi’s custom chalk lettering in May, I was delighted to see her work on the cover of the July 2012 issue of HOW Magazine! Definitely pick up a copy because her work is amazing!

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Hand lettered chalk typography

I came across this gorgeous hand lettered chalk typography on inspirationfeed by Brooklyn-based Dana Tanamachi. Here are some of her incredible designs. Images: Dana Tanamachi via insipirationfeed.

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Some inspiring images and fonts

image from Nov 11th MUG

I love this header image from one of the daily e-mails put out by Manhattan User’s Guide.

Old Print Shop

Traveling back in time to old New York, courtesy of the Upper East Side’s Old Print Shop.

Animaris Umerus walking – June ’09 from Strandbeest on Vimeo.

This skeleton uses the power of the wind to “walk” and was created by Theo Jansen (whose site uses one of my favorite fonts!). Check out his website for more info about this amazing creature. Video: strandbeest.com.

Mrs. Eaves typeface by Emigre

My favorite font of all time: Mrs. Eaves by Emigre.

Loiuse Fili Ltd design firm

Postage stamps by Louise Fili, the New York firm that has designed some of the most gorgeous packaging and logos that I have ever seen. Image: louisefili.com.

Coney Island Mural

A small selection of the amazing mural that runs along the boardwalk of the magical world I call Coney Island.

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